FAEAC Conference

Filipino American Educators Association of California

2013 FAEAC Conference information to be posted soon….

Purpose of FAEAC:

1. To provide the Filipino American Educators a means for interchanging ideas and constructive group action.

2. To foster fellowship, understanding, and cooperation among educators and to work on various educational literacy, art, and sociocultural projects to preserve the culture, noble traditions, and priceless heritage of the Filipino people.

3. To initiate and formulate programs of activities which shall stimulate professional interest and welfare of all members of the association and the community at large, including those which would promote professional growth and job advancement opportunities.

4. To seek affirmative action for Filipino American educators at all levels such as administration and supervision, staff development, general services, special education, teacher placement, and educational support for staff paraprofessionals.

5. To disseminate vital information on issues relevant to members, and serve as an official voice of the Filipino American Educators Association of California.

6. To provide a clearinghouse for information and activities.

7. To advocate and define high standards of teaching competency, and other factors vital to effective learning.

8. To encourage and conduct research and applications of research findings related to education and other disciplines.

9. To provide recognition of Filipino American Educators who demonstrated outstanding performance in their respective field of endeavor, and to appropriate funding of scholarship to those identified worthy and needy individuals who will pursue a career in teaching and that he/she have an outstanding academic achievement.

10. To keep members informed of the new trends and development in education.

11. To provide networking with other professional organizations for mutual understanding, strength, and advancement.



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